When it rains, it pours!

It’s been a pretty crazy few weeks over here in Berlin and life has presented me with a few awesome surprises.

My Berlin Bestie has been doing personal training at an MMA gym.  This has been going on for quite some time but I never really registered as to which MMA gym he was at.  This gym was recommended to me when I left Spitfire but I wasn’t in the right head space to take on that information at the time and I was pretty hell bent on taking a break from martial arts.

Fast forward a few weeks and I get a phone call from my friend.  He said that he spoke to someone at his gym about me and said that they knew who I was and were interested in talking to me about training.  Later that day I was being handed a business card and being told to call when I was ready.

In that moment I still felt like I was forcing it.  As if I was not ready to take this next step.  But surely enough, something inside me was nagging at me to call.  What’s a phone call after all?

The following week I am on the phone with the owner and head trainer.  It was a gentle reminder of just how small the martial arts community is.  Not only did he know of me, but he had also heard about everything that had happened recently.  He was very upfront with his schedule and what he could offer me in terms of training and invited me to come and check out the gym.

The set up and training is very different to what I am used to but it’s also a place where I feel like there is a lot to take in from training this way and I believe I can excel with this style of training.

So it’s official.  I have joined the guys at Fenriz Trainingzentrum and I’m back on track and hoping to book an MMA fight soon.

17835125_1214750901957390_1258641592337105325_o (1)

The most surprising thing to happen recently, was that my CrossFit journey is still in motion.  I thought when I went back to MMA that I could go back to 2 – 3 CrossFit sessions a week and throw myself back into MMA training.  This has not been the case.

Remember the competition that I registered for?  Well I went through the qualifiers and it was TOUGH.  I’m used to training hard but this day had me moving weights that are just outside of my comfort zone.  After hitting a power clean PB in the first workout, I struggled in the second, failing to complete the workout after messing up my double unders and struggling to move the bar with any speed (or good form).  All in all I hit my own personal goals for 2 out of the 3 workouts and I reminded myself to be happy with this.  CrossFit, after all, is not my specialty sport.

Even though qualifying had not crossed my mind, the competitive part of me was still eager to see the leader board.  Even if I came second last in my division I probably would have been happy.  Then the weirdest thing happened…


Yep.  That’s me.  Sneaking in at 37 (top 40 for my division would receive an invite to compete).

Now.  I am in a terrible habit of diminishing my own personal achievements.  At first I thought it was an error.  Then I thought, well, it’s a new competition so there weren’t as many girls competing.  Then I realised that they had moved a few girls up into the division above me (the competition rules had a clause that if you had qualified for other events that were listed, then you were automatically in the superhuman division).  Finally I stopped and thought.  Actually.  This is pretty f*cking cool!

I have been in a bit of personal debate over whether or not I would actually go.  Firstly, it clashes with a weekend where I am supposed to catch up with a dear friend who is in Europe from New York.  Secondly, I wasn’t sure if I could prepare for a fight AND a CrossFit competition at the same time.

After chatting to one of the guys at my CrossFit box I decided to just go for it.  Today I accepted my invitation to compete. It dawned on me that it will be my last chance to compete in a CrossFit competition for a while.  Once I get the MMA ball rolling there will be no time for this.

Will it be tough trying to do both?  Absolutely.  I can only imagine that the next 2 months of training will be some of the hardest I have ever done.  But it’s doable. (A little bit of hard work never hurt anyone right?)

Stay tuned!

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