As a child, I was always an active person.  My sporting interests ranged from Gymnastics, to track and field, long distance running to Rugby Union, although never in my life, did I imagine I would one day be standing and telling people that I am a professional fighter.

My journey began in August, 2010.  After I had moved to Melbourne I had promised myself to join a gym, get in better shape, and live a healthier lifestyle.  It was here I met my personal trainer who encouraged me to try my hand at Muay Thai.

When I rocked up to the gym I had been sent to I remember feeling this intense sense of intimidation and, well, let’s be honest, a little fear.  The head trainer, in his almighty 6 foot 4 inch stature, covered head to toe in tattoos, is in the ring, yelling at a guy who looks like he is about to pass out.  There are fit looking people EVERYWHERE, people kicking bags, and sounds that confused me.  In an instance, my first instinct was to double back out the door, but something stopped me and I have never looked back.

A change in jobs led me to my martial arts home – Absolute MMA in Melbourne’s CBD.  It was here that I debuted as a martial artist and my time there has lead me to 4 amateur fights and my first professional fight in September 2013.


January 2014 marks the year that I began my travels to Thailand to live the dream.

What was intended to be a year abroad quickly turned into 3 and after a lot of back and forth, and finally landing at my Phuket home of AKA Thailand, I have been preparing to transition to MMA.

While my time in Thailand is up, I am loving my new start in Berlin and eager to conquer the WMMA world.

I have an developed this eternal love affair with fighting.  Please share my travels and experience with me :)


  1. Jesse Venables · · Reply

    Wait? Don’t want to mention the old Gym?
    Was their a breaking point that made you do this? Ex Boyfriend? Crappy Boss?

    Just wondering and good luck. I’ll hit you up if I get to Phuket this year. It’s probably a coin toss

    1. Hey Jesse!
      I totally did mention the old gym 😉 Tall guy covered head to toe in tattoos ring any bells 😀
      Crappy year and work, and deciding I wanted more. YOLO!
      Let me know if you’re in Phuket for sure 🙂

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