Monthly Archives: January 2014

The digs… Part I

For the first 3 months of this trip, I am living in one of the private rooms at the gym. Sinbi offers a few different types of rooms ranging from dorm room style to private rooms. Each room is equipped with a full size fridge, AC, television, DVD player, full size wardrobe, coffee table, safe, […]

Sprints, hills, and more sprints

If not anything else, I have learnt that the first 2 weeks here is always the toughest.  Training is long, and so are the days.  The heat, the humidity, the running (oh, the running!) , the restless nights and the home sickness sets in. The first 2 weeks here are always tough, and rest day […]

2014… year of the champion!!!!

This week has been crazy.  Trying to settle in… buying a bike… finding a device to cook on… trying to climatise myself… and get back into the shape after the holiday season. The option to buy a bike was a simple one… the cost of renting a bike in Phuket verses buying a bike… it’s […]

So long… farewell…

What to say about goodbyes.  The glaringly obvious thing.  They suck.  Saying goodbye to people you love sucks. Also, my two beautiful furry babies.  What will I do without the two of you.  Who will cuddle me at night!!! Everything still seems as though I am going on a longish holiday.  The feelings of reality […]

And so it begins….

2014 is finally upon us and I am scrambling to finish all that I need to do before I leave in 4 days. The past few months have been gruelling.  I have been focusing more on Strength and Conditioning work and my boxing. I went to Mo and asked him to make me stronger and […]