And so it begins….

2014 is finally upon us and I am scrambling to finish all that I need to do before I leave in 4 days.

The past few months have been gruelling.  I have been focusing more on Strength and Conditioning work and my boxing.

I went to Mo and asked him to make me stronger and faster.  I have never felt such immediate results.  Within 3 weeks, I was smashing PB’s left right and centre.

From flipping tyres, to 100kg deadlifts, to brutal circuits, I have never pushed my body so hard.

Moses Bently has been in charge of turning me into a lean, mean, fighting machine.  Unfortunately after the silly season, lean is not the word I would use to describe myself… but I am strong… and fit!  All thanks to Mo!



Pradeep Singh has been patiently assisting with my boxing – taking me back to basics to ensure my footwork improves and that I get maximum power out of my punches.  Thanks for the tips! (and your undying patience!)

Working with Pradeep was a shock at first.  Being stripped back to basics was frustrating.  I remember walking away from my first session with Pradeep thinking “I KNOW NOTHING!”  I had seriously underestimated the substantial differences between our two sports.  Nevertheless, my time with him has made me more balanced, helped me gain a better understanding of the connections between my arms and legs, and assisted me in generating more power out of my punches.  Time to get that first knockout (via a punch at least!)




The recent down time over Christmas has been good for me mentally.  Preparing to leave my friends and family, and getting ready to embark on this crazy adventure.  While I’m not as light as I’d like to be physically, mentally, I am prepared.  I know the rest will come.

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