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Songkran, World Muay Thai Angels and Koh Samui

Unfortunately this is coming to you quite late after the fact. Fight training has been all consuming (as per usual!) April 13, 2014, marked the day of the Thai New Year of which the Songkran Festival is celebrated. How do the Thai’s celebrate their new years? With a communal, all out water fight!! The streets […]


An interesting conversation arose recently¬†after I had posted a video of two of our young Thai boys clinching at training. I remember the first ever fight night I went to in Thailand back in 2011. The first fight of the night were two small boys about 7 or 8 years old. I was horrified. ¬†I […]

March Madness!

March turned into the craziest month thus far this year, filled with all the good, the bad and the ugly! At the beginning of March I was home in Melbourne. The two main purposes for this trip was to get my Visa stamp in my passport and to visit the other half. Going home was […]