Bringing the Clinch to Berlin!

In the middle of my career I suffered a staggering 6 losses in a row (out of the 10 losses of my professional Muay Thai career).  Initially I welcomed to opportunity to fight against World Champions, but eventually, the losses became more and more unbearable.  At the end of this run, I was offered to fight a well known fighter on the island – Farida Okiko.  Farida was well known in the fight community for her impressive fight career as well as someone who I had crossed paths with outside of training.  She was someone who was becoming a friend.

Fighting a friend, or at least someone you know, was inevitable back then.  If you lived on the island for more than a year you had likely fought everyone out there, including the tourists.  It was a weird feeling to be honest.  Like how polite can you be throwing elbows at someone in the ring???

I remember getting this message from Farida saying “did your coaches ask you yet?”  They had.  And it felt a bit weird.  We talked about it and agreed to fight and have fun with it.  Which we did!

Fast forward a few years and I get a message from Farida saying – ‘hey!  Are you in Berlin?’  Crazily enough, she is here for a short time and hit me up for some training and possibly a seminar.

Berlin summer is a hard time to get stuff done.  People are away for summer holidays or they are simply out enjoy the sunshine.  Regardless we decided to drop a seminar bringing some Thailand clinching to Berlin.


One of the hardest things for me when I moved here, was accepting that I would rarely get to clinch again.  Not for lack of trying, it’s just that the clinch is not used much here and it isn’t taught often or well.  So we figured we could combine our skills and hopefully provide Berlin with a fun and useful seminar!

Farida has been living out in Thailand for several years and has amassed an impressive 47 professional fights including 4 world titles and several stadium titles.  She is strong and aggressive with a good eye and ability to adapt so I’m really excited to be combining our carefully honed skills together.

The seminar is this Saturday (August 4) and we are offering a friends discount.  The seminar is currently €30 each but if you bring a friend and pay the costs before Saturday, you and your friend will get the seminar for €20 each!  Fill out the form below for more information or SEPA information or simply click the PayPal button below to pay!

Leave us your Instagram handle so we can follow you and share any seminar updates or information for future seminars or training.

See you at Fenriz!

Clinch Seminar

Single ticket for August 4 clinch seminar


Bring a Friend ticket for August 4 Clinch Seminar

2 tickets for the August 4 Clinch Seminar. (Please leave the full names of both participants.)


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