Monthly Archives: May 2014

All of the noms!!!

When you head off to Thailand for an extended period of time, people just expect that 5 hours a day of training equals fat camp.  I am not going to lie – I had envisioned myself a lean mean fighting machine by this stage of my journey, however I quickly discovered how difficult it can […]

Fight 6

I think what I hate the most, is knowing how well I train, in clinching and sparring, and then seeing the gap between that and my fights. It’s so frustrating that my brain just doesn’t seem to connect the dots. I know how to step knee – so why can’t I do it in a fight. […]

Fight 5 – The fight of firsts!

After what felt like a lifetime, I finally stepped back into the ring May 2nd to have my fourth fight for the year (5th fight professionally, 9th fight in total). I was scheduled to rematch Tainã Ursa Duarte March 29, however unfortunately due to a terrible stomach flu which landed me in hospital, I was forced to withdraw. […]