Monthly Archives: February 2014

Fight 3

Preparation for the second fight of the year was much tougher than usual. Unfortunately I was sick with a stomach bug and searing migraines for the entirety of my fight prep which means I did not get the most out of my training. It was unfortunate but I wasn’t sick enough to stop training or withdraw […]

Birthday Blessings, Baby Elephants and Boxing

Ordinarily, I don’t like to celebrate birthdays. Long story short, I have had multiple years in a row of disastrous events occuring on, or during my birthday celebrations, so I waved the white flag and gave up. This year is totally out of the ordinary though, so I decided that this was the year to start […]

The Pearls of Wisdom. Fact or Myth?

There are always little pearls of wisdom that people like to pass along to you. A lot of these little pearls are very useful and inspiring, but then again, some of these little pearls make you want to slap the person passing on said wisdom. Here are some of my favourites thus far. Everybody is tired. […]

Fight 2

First fight done and dusted and it’s strange to say, that the whole experience was a bit surreal. In the week leading up to this fight, everyone around the gym kept asking me how I was feeling about the fight… Nervous? Excited? Afraid? It was a strange sensation that I was neither… The only thing […]