The Pearls of Wisdom. Fact or Myth?

There are always little pearls of wisdom that people like to pass along to you. A lot of these little pearls are very useful and inspiring, but then again, some of these little pearls make you want to slap the person passing on said wisdom. Here are some of my favourites thus far.

Everybody is tired. You train hard, fight easy.


Now we have all heard the saying, “train hard, fight easy” and we all know that there is a lot of truth to it. But some days knowing that isn’t enough. Some days you are just so tired, physically and mentally, that you don’t have anything left to give. One of my trainers stopped me during a pads session of which I had no power, and was struggling to pump out 20 kicks. He looks at me and says “everybody tired”. It was so simple, but it really spurred me on. Everybody IS tired. Training IS tough. And simply put, this IS what it takes.


Running, running, every day running, make your legs strong!

Fact and Myth.

Common gospel here is that running long distances makes your legs stronger. Never mind the cardio and weight loss benefits. Running makes your legs stronger. The end.

While there is some truth to this, running long distances over and over will only make your legs stronger to a certain point. I find no benefit in running 12km before a training session (which my trainer is trying to make me do, but unfortunately, my ankles and shins won’t do it. Neither will I.) Switching between long runs and hill sprints works a treat. Keeps the body guessing, and the hill sprints have all the above benefits without the joys of shin splints and stress fractures.


Clinching everyday makes your neck strong.


Clinching is one of the greater crafts within this sport and clinching everyday WILL make your neck stronger. But it’s not without a lot of neck pain along the way.

Fortunately there are women here much stronger than me, and I have noticed that clinching every day IS making my neck stronger, but some days, it just hurts.

Consistency is key. A very very effective key. Push through. You will soon reap the rewards.


Can block everything!


My trainer loves to say this to me. “Can block everything! Why you no block everything!”

I am yet to see a fight, where one fighter, or both, blocks everything. While I would love to have mad ninja skills, I’m not quite at that level yet. So no. I can’t block everything. Please show me a fighter who can.


Stay tuned.  I am sure there will be more pearls of wisdom to come!

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