Fight 2

First fight done and dusted and it’s strange to say, that the whole experience was a bit surreal.

In the week leading up to this fight, everyone around the gym kept asking me how I was feeling about the fight… Nervous? Excited? Afraid? It was a strange sensation that I was neither… The only thing I was sure of was that I was fit and that I was ready.

Fight training was tough, as it is in any part of the world. Sparring and clinching every day, and long rounds on pads. Much longer than I had ever done before.

A 14 minute round on the pads with our cardio king, Met, gave me the confidence I needed going into this fight. If I could survive 14 minutes with Met, 2 minute rounds were going to be a cake walk.

Every time I have fought, I have always been worried that I am not fit enough… Not strong enough. This time I didn’t feel that way. It was nice.

The nerves set in on the day of the fight but a searing migraine quickly distracted me and I ended up spending the entire day doubled over in bed. I felt slightly panicked that I would not come good before the fight, so I loaded up on Advil and went on my way.

Everyone had asked me if I knew who I was fighting. I have safely resigned to the fact that I will probably never know who I am fighting, and that it ultimately does not matter.


When I arrived at Bangla Stadium, I did a scan of the fighters area, which, is insanely small. You get ready right next to your opponent which is bizarre.

When I looked around, I noticed that I was fighting the same girl as I knocked out in September 2013.

Having a win against an opponent should instil some confidence, however for me, all it did was make me nervous and afraid. This strange sense of pressure built and all I could think was “I can’t lose to the girl that I knocked out!”

As I entered the ring and begun the Wai Kru, I reminded myself. I do this because I love it. Win or lose. And this is the start of my year, the start of the dream. In a moment, all my fear and worry resolved.

After our last fight I was cautious that my opponent may come at me like a bull out of a gate. She really surprised me last time. Luckily, she was slow to start, much like most other Muay Thai fights in Thailand.

I began with a fairly even first two rounds, feeling each other out, things felt methodical, and not rushed, I could see everything I wanted to do and could hear my corner clearly.

Round 3 was an incredibly dominant round. My corner had instructed me to knock her out. I tried, but to no avail. Unfortunately I still have a lot to learn with regards of technique and getting the maximum power out of my punches during a fight.

Rounds 4 and 5, sealed the deal, despite my corner telling me after the 4th that I was losing.

I am disappointed that some things my corner directed me to do, did not make sense until after the fight, although I am happy to have these things to take away and learn from.

One of the biggest things for me to learn is to follow every combination with a kick. Something Leigh Allwood taught me back home, but unfortunately it’s yet to become muscle memory.

My trainer is not happy with the fight because I failed to ‘block everything’. This makes me laugh. But gives me more to think about.

Bring on the next fight!

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