The digs… Part I

For the first 3 months of this trip, I am living in one of the private rooms at the gym.

Sinbi offers a few different types of rooms ranging from dorm room style to private rooms.

Each room is equipped with a full size fridge, AC, television, DVD player, full size wardrobe, coffee table, safe, microwave and ettle. Pretty much all the basic stuff to get you by.  Rooms are also maintained by housekeeping Monday through to Saturday.



If you are travelling for a short stay, and in a group that you don’t mind bunking with, the dorm room style accommodation is ideal. Training costs are also included in accommodation costs so you don’t have the added worry of that.

For me personally, I know that I like time to myself and and space for myself when I am training this much. Sometimes you just want to go lie in peace and quite and watch a movie.

The other downside to the dorm room style accommodation is that if you are travelling alone, you will get bunked with whoever else is travelling alone. This is, by no stretch, always a bad thing, however if you room mate snores, or likes to party (and you don’t perhaps?) then you might have some troubles.

The only negative, thus far, to living here is the noise that comes from the gym. Every training session, 6 days a week, music and sounds stream well into your room.

This is usually not a massive issue for me as I am training all sessions, however when it comes to rest days before fights it will be interesting to see if the noise wakes me. If you are a heavy sleeper of course, this is a non issue!

I have fitted my room with some other essentials to get me by and to reduce the cost of living.

I have bought a cheap electric cooker (approx AUD$17 from a local family mart) and a rice cooker (approx AUD$12 from the new TESCO just past the Chalong Circle). These two additions, along with some basic plastic storage containers form TESCO allow me to save a bundle.

All rooms come complete with Sinbi cat who will run into your room the second you open your door

All rooms come complete with Sinbi cat who will run into your room the second you open your door

If you’re not on a budget and diet though, eat out! There are so many great local places nearby that you’d be crazy not to try!

For more information on Sinbi accommodation, please visit

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