Sprints, hills, and more sprints

If not anything else, I have learnt that the first 2 weeks here is always the toughest.  Training is long, and so are the days.  The heat, the humidity, the running (oh, the running!) , the restless nights and the home sickness sets in.

The first 2 weeks here are always tough, and rest day can not come any sooner.

This last week of training has been CRAZY.  As a compromise to running, I have been electing to do hill sprints.  As I have had numerous issues with shin splints and stress fractures, hill sprints allow me to gain similar benefits to long distance running, minus the actual long distances.

Unfortunately for me, Thai’s don’t really understand what shin splints and stress fractures are.  They also don’t understand the benefits of hill sprints… They believe that running long distances will make your legs strong.  This is no lie by any stretch, however my trainer seems thinks I am out running 1km and not really running because I’m not out running for an hour… but that’s ok.  I tell you what…  when you’re hauling ass up and down a hill like this your legs are getting stronger.

hill sprints

While training has been tough mentally… I am reaping the benefits of a 5kg weight loss these first 2 weeks.  A weight loss which I am stoked with.  Finding a balance between eating enough for training, and losing weight has been interesting but fortunately eating clean here is pretty simple.

The goal is to be fighting around 58kg which will be achievable once I’m walking around a few kg’s lighter.

I am determined to be a lean, mean, hill sprinting, fighting machine.


  1. I get shin splints really bad too the Thais dont really ever understand but especially Sak! he was my neighbour for a whole year and he would see us go runing every moring it wouldnt matter if you ran 10km in 30min he would start going off “why you not run for 1 hr” they are very behind the times when it comes to sports science and up to date training. If i did all teh things and running they told me i wouldnt have ever fought cause i wouldnt have been able to walk. Just stick to what suits you best and what your body can handle dont get pressured into doing those longs runs everyday. There is a running track/ soccer oval up the top of promthep cape, i used to do sprints up there a few times a week you should go check it out. Also if your getting shinsplints dont run around the lake its the worst beacuse the ground is so uneven. Run out around the main road for a 7km run its much better on the shins. I had shinsplints for about 5 years i tried everything only just started to get them under control just before i left sinbi last year. Will be back there to live in about 3 months.

    1. Hey! You are very right. Thai’s have their way of doing things… which comes from the dawn of man! I respect it though, because it works for them but I have done as you have suggested and taken my own path. With 3 wins from 3 fights (2 by way of KO), I think they trust that I know how to prepare myself. I am looking forward to meeting you!

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