2014… year of the champion!!!!

This week has been crazy.  Trying to settle in… buying a bike… finding a device to cook on… trying to climatise myself… and get back into the shape after the holiday season.

The option to buy a bike was a simple one… the cost of renting a bike in Phuket verses buying a bike… it’s just silly… plus you resell the bike so I will have some cash coming home…  I got a great buy from a Facebook group (Things to Buy and Sell – Phuket).  Very good if you are planning a stay in Phuket and want to pick up bits and pieces at decent costs.

Eating out varies.  One of the most social spots is Cashew Nut.  The food is excellent, the owners and super friendly… but it’s not the cheapest place to go.  So far my favourite place to eat is Kallots.  Under AUD$2 will get you a meal no problem at all.  Despite this, and many other places that provide cheap local food, I’ve gone with the option of buying an electric cooker… this way I can make my own eggs post training, and be more careful with what I eat…  The year of the champion will not be if I sit around eating curries (believe me… if I get injured, it’s exactly what I’ll be doing!)

Now!  Training.  My what a week it has been.  My trainer Sak, is still here (he was supposed to go to South Africa but I’m yet to find out why he didn’t go…).  He seems very happy to have me back and is fixing me up…  Sak is one of the older trainers here but is very technical.  So everything must be done with power, and perfect technique.  You do everything until you get it right.  It’s exactly what I need at this stage.  I can fight.  I think most people know this… but now it’s time for me to learn how to fight well…

Everyone remembers me from my fight in September… Mainly because I threw a lot of elbows and knocked a local girl out with one in the second round.  They call me the Bangla Stadium Champion.  I did receive a belt for this… for what?  Who knows.  I asked.  No one could tell me in English.


I’m getting to practice my Thai more and more which is great… it’s going to take some revision but I feel good about being here and learning the language.

On Thursday my first fight was scheduled for January 24.  Not long to go now!

I have been incredibly home sick this week, although it took me until about Friday for things to really sink in.  The gravity of my choices has hit home hard.  I have been very blessed though.  My new training partner here, is a crazy cool chick from Sydney, and another awesome one I met back in September is still here.  They have really helped me out this week.  It’s nice to be reminded that even though I am a long way from home, I am not alone.  Acknowledging to myself, how massive this change really is, instead of just brushing it off as “the next step in my fighting career” has been important for me.

Week 1 always sucks.  You’re tired, and homesick, and a little bit lost.  But I’m ready.

Let the year of the champion begin!

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