So long… farewell…

What to say about goodbyes.  The glaringly obvious thing.  They suck.  Saying goodbye to people you love sucks. Also, my two beautiful furry babies.  What will I do without the two of you.  Who will cuddle me at night!!!

Everything still seems as though I am going on a longish holiday.  The feelings of reality are yet to set in.

I won’t lie.  When I made the decision to leave, I was in somewhat of a crisis mode.  My life had taken an awkward turn down a terrifyingly unfamiliar road.  Everything I thought I wanted out of life, all my ambitions and career choices, were suddenly nul and void.  It was only after I returned home, that I realised what I was giving up.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people, who have done nothing but support me in my journey, and who I know will continue to from afar. My kick ass gym family was super hard to say goodbye to.  Not just because they are people who understand what it is to be an athlete, but because they have truly become family to me.


I have had to leave behind a truly special someone.  Someone who has opened my eyes to so many possibilities for my future.  Someone who understands that this year is something I need to do for myself and has freely encouraged me to continue on this path.  Saying goodbye to him today.  Also surreal. Also sucky.  A few quiet tears and the hopes that we make it out the other side.

Everything comes in waves.  I’m just waiting for reality to really come and bite me in the ass.

I was so lucky to have so many good friends come and spend the day with me on Saturday.  So many lols.  So much love.

Farewells suck.

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