Fight 3


Preparation for the second fight of the year was much tougher than usual. Unfortunately I was sick with a stomach bug and searing migraines for the entirety of my fight prep which means I did not get the most out of my training. It was unfortunate but I wasn’t sick enough to stop training or withdraw from my fight.

My opponent was a well known Thai fighter whom all of the female fighters at Sinbi have fought if not once, multiple times. She was someone who has had over 100 fights and was going to be searching for a good clinch war. I was welcoming an opponent who was strong in the clinch as it is not something I have tested much during my fights thus far.

Getting into the clinch can also be tough in a fight, if a fighter is not comfortable, or thinks you will be stronger than them, they will do their utmost to keep out of a clinch war with you.

We journeyed out to Thanochot Stadium which is a pokey little place up near the airport. I was surprised and overwhelmed by the number of people from Sinbi who were coming out to support. It helped lift my energy levels, that’s for sure!

Despite a 9 hour sleep and hour long nap during the day, I was fatigued. I have been mindful to replace glycogen stores over the previous 36 hours, but still felt  tired. It was concerning for me as I was not sure how I would endure a five round fight.

When we arrived at the stadium, I noticed a familiar girl. It was Preawpraw – the same girl I had fought the past 2 fights. When I asked Yip, one of the trainers who comes to corner and do hand wraps, he looks confused and says ‘no, not same’.

Unfortunately my opponent had pulled out the night before and the replacement was Preawpraw.

Admittedly, at first, I was angry. I was annoyed at being matched against someone I had already beaten twice. When I had the chance to sit down and get changed, some words of wisdom from one of the awesome chicks here, Angelina, reminded me that it was all experience, and best of all, I felt confident I could beat her.

When we sat down to put my gloves on, I noticed that I was having trouble getting my hand in the first glove. We flipped them around and noticed they were 4oz gloves.  Originally I thought this must be a mistake, but everyone shrugged it off like it was no big deal. Ah Thailand – the land of regulation!


First round starts and I notice she is fighting the exact same way as last time, although I wasn’t. I knew the mistakes I had made last time, despite getting the win.  I need to check her switch kicks and follow combos with a kick.

First round continues and she is teeping a lot more than last time. I think she is doing her best to keep me at bay, although her push kicks are getting low.

In between rounds, my corner reminds me to use my hands more, elbows if I get the chance.



Second round commences and I’m beginning to feel more comfortable. A few exchanges are made, and then she starts teeping me in the crutch! I didn’t realise it wasn’t a foul and noticed the referee was not doing anything to stop or warn my opponent. She continues on in this fashion and I can feel myself getting frustrated. I let my hands go remembering what my trainer always tells me – clench my fists – make them strong – step forward – mak mak!

I start getting her with a stiff jab and her defence changes. She’s not one that is accustomed to being punched in the face. A few jab crosses and I notice I have rocked her. One more combo and she is out cold. My first KO with punches!


Despite feeling crummy, despite fighting the same girl, despite being a little intimidated with the 4oz gloves, I came home with a strong win and couldn’t be happier.

I consider it an early birthday present to myself.



Bring on the next fight!

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