Fight 4


After an early round knockout in fight 2, I was incredibly eager to squeeze in one more fight before travelling home to get my visa. Perhaps eager is an understatement… I was asking Sing (the owner of Sinbi) for another fight before they had the chance to take off my gloves!

Initially I was matched to fight on the Sinbi fight night,  February 22, however my opponent had pulled out for reasons unknown.

I returned to training 2 days after my fight for some boxing but realised how much I was pushing myself mentally, and how damaging it was to me physically. I noticed that despite being well rested, my brain and my body were not cooperating.

After careful consideration, and time taken to soothe my guilt for not training, I took an extra day off to laze about, catch up on some sun baking, and most importantly,  sleep! It’s incredible what the extra day did for me and I was ready to get back into it.

I still had not been matched for my next fight so training was not as intense as it had been in previous weeks. It was a great opportunity to simply enjoy training and to have a few giggles with my trainers and training buddies.  It also gave me the opportunity to work further on my technique.

As the week rolled on I assumed there was no fights for me before I left. I was ok with this because I was having a difficult time at training. *for all you squeamish men – avert your eyes*. For me personally, training on my period blows. I have no energy for about 3 days and I just want to cry or kill anyone who annoys me, sometimes all of the above for no reason at all. The rational, sane female in me seems to take a long weekend. I wish she’d take me with her…

So I was slow and sluggish and resigned to being this way, until Wednesday afternoon Sing messages me to tell me I am fighting… In 6 days.


Now I have heard that this happens,  and have been told to remain fight ready all the time in case I get matched.  I won’t lie. This seemed like a crazy concept – now, not so crazy.

We tried to push the training has hard as possible but unfortunately with the limited time left, I never really hit my peak.

The last week of training was definitely a turning point for me though. Oddly enough, I was getting worse on pads. Yep, that’s right. Worse. Much worse. My poor poor trainer! Despite my horrifying pad work, my clinchng and sparring was off the rails. A new girl had just started and was pretty on par with me fitness and technique wise, if not better. Best of all we were a very similar height and weight and she likes to have at it!

I was beating her consistently in sparring and clinching rounds which was giving me some confidence and fire coming into this fight.

Saturday night rolled around and I got to enjoy some social time at the Sinbi fight night and was feeling inspired after watching some of our own compete.

My odd calmess had seemed to stay with me in the days leading up to my fight. It’s nice being able to compartmentalize my feelings towards my fights as it is likely I would burn myself out on stress alone!


My opponent was a Thai girl, Nongbress. It was one of the times where weight was traded for experience.  Unfortunately due to the limited number of female resident fighters on the island, this is something that happens.  Nongbress is a well known Thai fighter and it was going to be an excellent way to get my name out there.

When we arrived at the stadium there was no sign of Nongbress so we all just took the time to chill out and annoy each other. After viewing the line up we noticed I was fighting a girl from Brazil. Admittedly,  this threw me, more than it should have, and more than I should have allowed. My game plan was out the window and we had no idea how good this girl was going to be, or what her style was going to be like.


The fight began nice and slowly, probably almost too slowly as I only really started to push things in the third round.

Now I must have a really stupid look on my face in between rounds because every time Yib gave me instructions,  he would stop, look at me sternly and say ‘are you ok? You sure?’ Yes Yib. I am ok. Just trying to breathe!

The first 3 rounds are pretty even and it became evident that her best weapon is her leg kick. It came out pretty fast and pretty hard but no worse than my last opponent in Australia.



I was trying to throw more left kicks as she never appeared to check them. Step through leg kicks were once my bread and butter,  but after 2 months in Thailand, I was drilled to only use them sometimes.  “Left kick, only sometimes, right kick ok, you have lot of power!”

After the 4th round we knew the win would have to come from within the clinch. So the corners instructions were to attack quickly and force her into a clinch war.

Surprisingly enough, it didn’t feel as though she was trying to avoid it, despite the fact that I was getting the better of her with my knees and height and strength advantage. I think she felt like she had already won and it was unlikely I was going to be awarded the win.


I felt like I had gotten the win but it wasn’t meant to be. The most frustrating part is that I know the moment in the 5th round where we were clinching and it would have been an easy take down. Unfortunately clinching is not quite muscle memory for me yet so I don’t always seem to be able to put new skills into practice in the ring right away. All part of the learning curve but I think that moment will continue to haunt me for a few more days!

My fitness was a real let down so I am determined to train harder and longer when I get home.

One of the benefits of losing,  for me personally, is that I tend to learn more from the losses than I do the wins.

I am taking some well timed R&R in Australia as it was required for me to return for my visa but I am looking forward to coming home to Sinbi and training until I can’t train any more.

I am so blessed to be supported by people all around the globe.  It’s astounding to me the following I have, just from my amazingly loyal friends at home, and the new ones I am meeting abroad.  My friend Dave always says – you take all the support and love from your friends, into the ring with you – they ride the waves with you.  So this one (despite being a loss) is for all my remarkable friends and family.  I couldn’t be doing this without your love and support.

Professional record 3-1-0

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