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Moving on without moving

There is something to be said about changing gyms within a small province.  In my imagination, at the very least, if you were to change gyms somewhere bigger, say in Bangkok, the pressures that come with the move might not be as noticeable – but again – I could be totally wrong having never lived in […]

2014 – what a year!!!

After the craziest two months I’ve had in a long while, I am finally getting the opportunity to sit down and reflect on the year just passed.  While this is long overdue, it’s nice to look back on the year just passed and just in time for my first fight for 2015. On January 6, […]

Fight 11

After being on the receiving end of a beat down my last fight, I was eager to get back in the ring to redeem myself and was back in training a few days post fight.  There was no fight set, but I was hopeful it wouldn’t be long until they found me a new opponent. […]

Fight 10

After damaging in intercostel in my last fight, I was forced to take some rest.  It’s true – it was my bodies way of telling me to rest.  I was so disappointed though, knowing that Caley Reece was coming back for a month and I was fearing I would miss the opportunity to train with her. […]

Fight 8

This fight came with a lot of struggles. I was disappointed to not have fought at all last month but with some personal and physical struggles, it all worked out for the best. I returned back to training soon after my last fight thinking there would be a fight around the corner. Unfortunately due to the […]

6 months on…

Today marks my 6th month here in Thailand and it’s amazing how much things have changed… When I first arrived, I never thought I would get over being home sick to the point where I just didn’t want to get out of bed. I was suffering from anxiety and depression and was still being medicated […]

Fight 6

I think what I hate the most, is knowing how well I train, in clinching and sparring, and then seeing the gap between that and my fights. It’s so frustrating that my brain just doesn’t seem to connect the dots. I know how to step knee – so why can’t I do it in a fight. […]