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Fight 13

  All year I had been wanting to fight on a Sinbi Fight Night.  The first time I was supposed to fight on one, my opponent pulled out and every other time a fight night was on, I had a fight somewhere around that time already, or had fought too recently to be put in the […]

Fight 11

After being on the receiving end of a beat down my last fight, I was eager to get back in the ring to redeem myself and was back in training a few days post fight.  There was no fight set, but I was hopeful it wouldn’t be long until they found me a new opponent. […]

Fight 8

This fight came with a lot of struggles. I was disappointed to not have fought at all last month but with some personal and physical struggles, it all worked out for the best. I returned back to training soon after my last fight thinking there would be a fight around the corner. Unfortunately due to the […]

The selfish and lonely journey – filled with pain, joy and new trainers!!

Recently I have had a lot of struggles linking to my life back home in Australia – things that have caused me a lot of pain and stress. I really questioned my being here, doing what I am doing, and wondering if the personal sacrifices I have made to be here are really worth the […]