The Aussie Dictionary

After spending all year with people from across the globe, it has become quite clear to me (highlighted by every non Aussie I have met) that Aussies, absolutely, 100%, speak their own language.

Obviously for me, this was not something I had really given much thought to until I had to explain the use of the word ‘spewin’ to my American friend, who also takes great pleasure in mocking me and my “accent”.  Thanks Mia 😉

So for those of you in wonder, or those who would like a little giggle, here is my Aussie Dictionary!

“Arvo” – abbreviation for afternoon – example – “See you this arvo!”

“Bottelo” – the bottle shop – a place when one purchases alcoholic beverages and accompanying snacks.

“Bush” – somewhere in country or rural Australia, sometimes, but not always in a remote location – example – “to live out bush”.

“Bush Doof” – a party outdoors, somewhere in the “bush” in a large field.  Bush doofs are also referred to as “Lifestyle Festivals” and can run for a number of days in a row.

“Clap eyes on” – to physically see someone, or wish to see someone – example – “I’d love to clap eyes on (name) at some point”.

“Doona” – according to my American friend, this is technically a “duvet” – otherwise known to Aussie’s as a doona…

“Goes alright” – this is a term coined to give something or someone the thumbs up – example – “She goes alright!”

“Gutted” – a state of upset or devastation over something – example – “I’m gutted my fight got cancelled”.

“Heaps keen” – exactly as it sounds – a phrase used to describe eagerness.

“Maggotted” – a state of extreme inebriation – example – “I was so maggotted last night!”.

“Oi” – a very typical greeting, or is used commonly to acquire the attention of a friend – example – “Oi!  Old mate!  Over here!”

“Old Mate” – a generic term used to describe almost anyone, friend or stranger – example – “how did old mate go at training?”

“Partner” – we often refer to our spouses as our partners – unlike in some other countries, it does not always indicate a same sex relationship.

“Petrol” – otherwise known as fuel/gas/gasoline.

“Piss bolt” – to or exit quickly – example – “I was running late and had to piss bolt outta there”.

“Rock up” – this is used to indicate your or someone else’s arrival.

“Rulea” – remember those 30cm items we used back in school?  A ruler.  Apparently all Australians are pronouncing this incorrectly.

“Scrag” – this term is used to describe an altercation (physical or verbal) between two or more people.

“Servo” – a service station – somewhere to buy petrol.

“Spewin'” – this is a term used frequently when you’re upset about something – example – “I’m spewin’ I missed the last bus.”

While I am sure there are a million and one other abbreviations and Aussie slang out there, this is just a few to help out those non Aussie’s out there in the world, wondering what the hell we are on about.

I’ll be back on track with some more serious, and Muay Thai related posts soon 🙂

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  1. Thanks. This helps a lot. Aussie slang is something else

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