Trash Talk MMA

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Antoine Peltier, for his rapidly growing Trash Talk MMA blog and podcast.  Here is a little more about the man himself and the podcast in case you missed it!

Welcome to TrashTalkMMA! Antoine Peltier is a blogger and podcaster, promoting fighters, trainers and other professionals in the industry of mixed martial arts.


Antoine first discovered MMA when the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) promoted their first show in November of 1993. As a child, he was an insatiable fan of martial arts movies, starring action icons the likes of Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme. To see an event pitting real-world martial artists of all disciplines against one another was something many of his generation considered a dream come true.

Upon completion of high school, Antoine studied movie production with an emphasis on audio, and ended up accepting an entry level position at Electronic Arts as a Game Tester for EA Sports games. He ended up working for 8 years at EA Sports, designing and recording play-by-play commentary for sports game. This culminated in him becoming the Audio Director on NBA Live, where he had the privilege of working with NBA broadcast legends the likes of Marv Albert, Steve Kerr, Mike Fratello, Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith.

In 2007, video game publisher THQ announced the rights to develop games based on the UFC license and after a short period of negotiation, Antoine was hired as the Audio Director for “UFC Undisputed 2009”. After years of hard work it had all paid off, he had finally combined my 3 passions professionally: games, audio and MMA. For the next 5 years Antoine worked tirelessly to create the best sounding games he had ever worked on and represented the UFC license in the most authentic fashion possible. This led to hundreds of hours studying, designing and recording the best announcers in the sport: Joe Rogan, Mike Goldberg, Bruce Buffer, Bas Rutten, Stephen Quadros and Lenne Hardt.

After 15 years working in a gruelling industry of long overtime hours and unhealthy work conditions, Antoine felt a need for radical change and decided to embark on something new. Antoine decided to travel the world and train martial arts, confident that he would find a new purpose along the way. His journey lasted 18 months: after visiting a couple dozen countries, meeting countless incredible people and exposing myself to many new philosophies where he found his new path – TrashTalkMMA – born in January of 2015.

With this site and podcast, Antoine’s goal is to provide a world class promotional outlet for martial arts professionals of all walks of life, at all stages of their careers. What he loves about podcasting is that it combines his passion of MMA and audio, and allows him to share the incredible lives of the most fascinating competitors in the world: professional fighters.


Here is the podcast we did with Antoine which also includes my training partner, and fellow team mate Genah Fabian.

A massive thank you to Antoine for including us in this project.  Be sure to check him out!

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