I am so stoked to announce my new official sponsor – GRRRL!!!!

“GRRRL is a brand new type of clothing company.  We make real clothes for real grrrls who simply don’t care about what anybody else thinks.  We celebrate everything female. For every woman.  Recognising that all real grrrls come in all kinds of different shapes and packages.  At our heart, we exist to bring all grrrls together to claim not just equality but our rightful sisterhood.”


When I heard about this new line of clothing brand it was instantly something that I wanted to jump on board with.  I was more than happy to buy some of their clothes but they have brought me on as one of their sponsored athletes which I think is just incredible.

GRRRL really lines up with the way I feel about women in the media and in society in general.  There are a lot of pictures and advertisements that tell women what they should look like. Being based in Thailand, I have been subject to fat shaming because I am not a skinny little Asian woman like they think I should be.

I am a proud athlete, who – yes – sometimes struggles with the way I look – but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to me.  My body works.  I am grateful for that.  I am achieving things in my life that are not possible for some, for a variety of reasons.  And yes, I am not a skinny size 8, but I can dead lift 125kg no problem!

Beauty comes from within.  It comes from a smile, or a nice gesture.  It comes with respecting others.  It comes with believing in yourself.  We all do come in different packages, and I love that GRRRL is all about embracing that.

So!  Not only are GRRRL helping me out on their journey, they are going to help all of you too!  They are in the process of creating a discount code, which everyone can use to receive a 10% discount on their already modestly priced products.  Please see my Facebook page to keep updated for when this code is released.

If you want to know more about GRRRL and to check out their clothing line, head over to their website –  While you’re online, check out the GRRRL Facebook page too and give them a like!

Check out their launch campaign below, featuring one of the most bad ass females in the world.  I won’t tell you who – you’ll just have to watch and see!

One comment

  1. Quality attracts quality, Gem. They’re lucky to have you!

    Looking forward to seeing you struttin’ about in some new digs soon 😉

    S x

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