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The Aussie Dictionary

After spending all year with people from across the globe, it has become quite clear to me (highlighted by every non Aussie I have met) that Aussies, absolutely, 100%, speak their own language. Obviously for me, this was not something I had really given much thought to until I had to explain the use of […]

Fight 16

This morning I woke up to devastating news that the footage to this fight has been deleted.  I will make an attempt to get the footage from the stadium but at this stage it is not looking good.  It was very disappointing and I should have trusted my gut and had a friend film it like my […]

Fight 15

Fight 15 marks the first fight for 2015 and also my first fight under AKA.  Needless to say, I was really wanting a good fight and a win for AKA, but like most fights, it was not without it’s obstacles.  It’s always tough swallowing a loss, but here it is. Training for this camp was severely […]