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The new kid on the block

In my experience, especially with grappling and MMA, every gym has a different style and program.  Most of what I know I have learnt through tips from other people or from watching fights on TV.  When everyone is on the same program it puts you on par with other students.  This recent change in gyms […]

Fight 13

  All year I had been wanting to fight on a Sinbi Fight Night.  The first time I was supposed to fight on one, my opponent pulled out and every other time a fight night was on, I had a fight somewhere around that time already, or had fought too recently to be put in the […]

Drum roll please!!!

I am very excited to introduce to you my newest sponsors – DHF Woden, Power Gear and Manage My Media! DHF Woden and Power Gear I have been fortunate enough to team up with DHF Woden and Power Gear! Together these guys provide quality supplements and training gear to the masses, including ActiveWomen supplements, Bio-Synergy […]

6 months on…

Today marks my 6th month here in Thailand and it’s amazing how much things have changed… When I first arrived, I never thought I would get over being home sick to the point where I just didn’t want to get out of bed. I was suffering from anxiety and depression and was still being medicated […]

The selfish and lonely journey – filled with pain, joy and new trainers!!

Recently I have had a lot of struggles linking to my life back home in Australia – things that have caused me a lot of pain and stress. I really questioned my being here, doing what I am doing, and wondering if the personal sacrifices I have made to be here are really worth the […]