Drum roll please!!!

I am very excited to introduce to you my newest sponsors – DHF Woden, Power Gear and Manage My Media!

DHF Woden and Power Gear

I have been fortunate enough to team up with DHF Woden and Power Gear! Together these guys provide quality supplements and training gear to the masses, including ActiveWomen supplements, Bio-Synergy products and the legendary Power Gear – I have a pair of their training gloves! They are helping keep my Muay Thai dream alive, but you all can help me also by getting into DHF Woden in Canberra if you are located there, (in the Westfield Shopping Centre, upstairs from Cash Converters and San Churro). Purchase your products there, say my name and again, you’ll be supporting me in my fighting title dream. If you can’t get to DHF Woden, (I know I have a lot of friends outside of Canberra), please go to www.dhf.com.au and purchase your supplements, proteins and Power Gear online. When you get to the checkout section, input the name ‘Gemma’ in the voucher area and it will let the guys know I have referred you on. If you need any assistance finding the right products for your needs, just drop them a line via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dhf.woden

I can’t thank DHF Woden and Power Gear for coming on board, please support them which will directly support me.

Manage My Media

Manage My Media has also come on board as a sponsor! The at team at Manage My Media is committed to supporting me through their business connections and strength in advertising. While Manage My Media has a strong focus on social media management and brand awareness, they are also helping their clients develop some amazing websites! I look forward to partnering with Manage My Media into the future – they may be able to help you too You can check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/managemymedia

My journey is being made through the amazing people contributing to my journey and I cannot thank these guys enough.

Please head over to my sponsors page and check out the other amazing people who are making my dreams a reality.

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