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Common mistakes and misconceptions

Phuket has become an increasingly popular training destination.  Not only for Muay Thai fighters but for health and fitness addicts, and people wanting to improve their general health in some way.  It’s actually a great deal.  You can come and train, eat well, and soak up the wonderful island atmosphere, all at a fraction of what […]

The reality of “living the dream”

When I went home for Christmas last year, I’m not going to lie, I was tempted to stay.  The lull of the beautiful beaches and sunsets had lost its fade and I was missing having some consistency in my life.  I get homesick – A LOT.  I watch my fight family at home kicking goals […]

The rise and fall of UTFF

12 months ago, the Unit 27 Group (best know for the Unit 27 strength and conditioning centre in Chalong) announced that they were in the process of building a fight facility.  It was no surprise to me that this would happen given that they already owned a gym (Primal Fitness), a health food restaurant (Muscle Bar) […]

Injuries, MMA, going Dutch and the return to the ring

It’s been a frustrating few months being out of the ring, losing fitness and gaining weight!  Especially given my first two years you couldn’t get me out of the ring! Unfortunately at the end of my time at AKA, I had done significant damage to my left knee.  Surprisingly no stress fractures in my ankles […]

The move to AKA

For those of you following my Facebook page, you will have heard that at the end of 2014, I bid a sad farewell to Sinbi Muay Thai. Unfortunately this was not a decision I made lightly, nor was it one where I really had much choice. It was with great disappointment that I learnt that at Sinbi […]

Injuries, Lumpinee and training in Bangkok

In the preparation leading up to my last fight, I had done some damage to what I then thought was my scapular muscles (the ones nestled in behind your shoulder blades).   It wasn’t anything serious but it was enough to stop me from being able to clinch the week before my fight. It was no […]

Training weeks…

One of my new readers posed a very interesting question about my training regime, in particular, my regime including weights.  He asked if I would be willing to share my training schedule so here it is! Monday to Saturday – Muay Thai Specific Training I start my mornings off with a 4 – 6km run, depending […]


An interesting conversation arose recently after I had posted a video of two of our young Thai boys clinching at training. I remember the first ever fight night I went to in Thailand back in 2011. The first fight of the night were two small boys about 7 or 8 years old. I was horrified.  I […]

How can you be sad in paradise?

Tonight I had to decline a Skype call with my boyfriend. It was gut wrenching because we keep only just missing each other for most of the time I have been back.  Today was one of those exhausting days which have rendered me useless without a keyboard. It’s hard to imagine being sad in paradise […]