The move to AKA

For those of you following my Facebook page, you will have heard that at the end of 2014, I bid a sad farewell to Sinbi Muay Thai.

Unfortunately this was not a decision I made lightly, nor was it one where I really had much choice. It was with great disappointment that I learnt that at Sinbi was unable to sponsor me heading into 2015.

After spending a year abroad (with the intention of returning home December 2014), my finances were quite low and I was in a position where I needed to be sponsored. With Sinbi unable to provide this for me, I had to make a choice. Return to Australia, or short list the gyms I wanted to approach for sponsorship.

I was devastated to be leaving my trainer and my friends, but had decided that if I were to come back, I wanted to stay in Rawai. I spent a year making this place my home so if I needed to train in the next province over, I found this to be acceptable.


After some research and a lot of consideration, my short list was made. 1. AKA. 2. Dragon Muay Thai. 3. Elite Fight Club.

I was still seeing out my final week at Sinbi when I began approaching other gyms. Sinbi were aware of my need to move so I felt like I wasn’t treading on toes by doing so and was assured by the owner that there were no hard feelings. After all – I needed to figure this out quickly as my trip to Australia was fast approaching and I did not want to return to Thailand without a place to train.

When I went to look at AKA, I knew that the head trainer (Chon) there was previously employed at Sinbi, so it was comforting to know that I was going to know at least one person at AKA who might be able to guide and advise me.

It was really nice being greeted by Chon and but he knew it was odd that I was there are quickly questioned me about why I was visiting AKA. I told him my situation and he took me to meet the manager immediately.

The manager recognised me immediately and I inquired about potentially being sponsored. The timing must have been right as they were looking for a second female fighter – the words “welcome to AKA” were music to my ears!

I am still in a probation period (which can be quite standard in gyms in Thailand) to make sure I train hard and am a good fit for the team, but I’m really loving the training. Unfortunately, Chon is no longer with the team, but I’m really enjoying training with all of the trainers at AKA. There is such an amazing community and family vibe at the gym. You can see how close the members of the Pro Fight Team are and it’s been really warming to feel so welcomed by everyone.


I’ve survived my first two weeks at AKA and am enjoying the different styles and ways of thinking – that which comes from a gym being owned by a westerner.

AKA provides their fighters with an Airdyne circuit (a high intensity circuit based around assault bikes) and cross training. It’s included in your schedule and there is plenty of room and flexibility to add this into your schedule without completely running yourself into the ground.

AKA welcomes females of all skill levels as well, including a girls only Muay Thai class every Saturday at midday. Girls who opt to come to the regularly scheduled classes are also free and able to train amongst both men and women, which I really enjoy. Everyone is so willing to help others out which creates an outstanding environment for growth.

I’m so excited to be joining such a strong fight team and really looking forward to what 2015 has in store for me. I’m so grateful to AKA for opening their doors to me and can’t wait to get back in the ring next week and really show them what I’ve got!


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