Patong Pro Nutrition and Mayhem Muscle Wear

This week has been a very exciting week for me after welcoming to the team my new amazing sponsors.

Patong Pro Nutrition

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Patong Pro Nutrition is located right near the Patong Gym in Phuket.  Not only do they stock some high quality products but they also make awesome protein shakes and snacks for pre and post training.  This is a great little spot if you choose (as a lot of people do) to train in Patong.

Patong Pro Nutrition stock a large range of MuscleTech and MusclePharm products so if you are in the area, stop by and check them out – it also helps they they are right next door to an amazing tattoo shop…. just sayin’ 😉

Jump on their Facebook page and give them a like!

Mayhem Muscle Wear


Mayhem Muscle Wear is a new apparel line that is ever growing and expanding.  They ship internationally so if you see me on my Facebook or Instagram wearing a shirt you like, jump onto their website to place your order.  For my Aussie friends – all prices are in AUD – check them out.

I’m super excited for this hooded singlet to come out 🙂



Keep an eye out – there are some great training singlets in the works, along with a hybrid short, suitable for all striking and MMA.

A massive thank you to these guys – you’ve really filled a massive gap for me and your support means the world!

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