Fight 12

14 November 2014

Fight 12 was an interesting fight for me.  It’s still so surreal that I keep forgetting that I actually had this fight!!!

When I took this fight, I was only given 6 days notice.  I had taken about 5 whole days off training after my fight before hand so I was interested to see that the boss was happy to stick me back in the ring with such minimal training time.  On top of this, I was out with the flu and had been in bed for two days!!  Nevertheless, it’s always one of my favourite things – getting a message from the boss with a fight date!

I had no idea who I was fighting, but I continued to train and work on the things that have really become my strengths – clinching and knees.  The next step my trainer really wanted to see from me was more elbows.

I’ve always had trouble gauging distance.  Even as a beginner, I couldn’t land punches if I was out of range, I always fell short.  So when it comes to that super close range combat, obviously, I’m useless!!

I had some serious concerns about my abilities coming into this fight having been incredibly sick the entire prep process.  I could hardly breathe and my trainer was worried about my fitness.  I was too.  I guess one of my pitfalls is that I hate saying no to fights, and even more, I won’t cancel a fight unless I am on death row or have a broken limb!!

So we arrive at the stadium, and Teresa (my amazing friend and training partner who ALWAYS comes and cheers me on) finds the run sheet for the night.  She looks at me and says, oh, you’ve fought this girl already.  Me and my poor memory, could only vaguely piece together the fight and I had to reference my own website to figure out the when (oh my!  Old age is getting to me!).

I remembered the last fight the moment I looked back on it.  It was 6 months earlier and it was one of the first fights where I was able to start using my clinching.

I always feel funny about rematches, but I knew this would be a really great measure for me, to see how I am developing and growing as a fighter.

Soalar came out strong, she likes to use her hands a lot and at one point in the first round she had me completely bailed up with her boxing.  Now, it wasn’t that I couldn’t do anything, I was concentrating so hard, trying to find a time to pop in an up elbow.  No such luck.  She backs off and we continue to feel each other out.


It was interesting because she was going for the clinch in the first round.  I see it happen with the Thai men sometimes, but it’s very slow and the referee is quick to split you up.  Mid way through the round, we go for the clinch and I get a take down, which felt almost too easy.

I’m becoming quite accustomed to fighting in 4oz gloves now.  Soalar has got some good skills, but she is not the strongest opponent I have faced.  I finish the first round completely unscathed and feeling fresh.

Round two begins and the moment we touch gloves, she is gunning for me.  She slows down and I get a catch kick to take down.  Something I’ve been working on a lot, that is becoming easier for me to do in my fights.  The second she stands back up again, she throws a single kick and I take us both down.

Soalar is very interested in clinching with me, which I was comfortable with.  Aside from the round 1 take down, we’re both pretty even in the clinch at this point and both taking it pretty easy.


After a few failed elbow attempts (which you can really see in the video!) we go back into the clinch.  Two rights knees, a left ydak sai (knee straight into the solar plexus, and quickly becoming what the trainers think is my signature move), followed by a right ydak sai, and next thing I know, Soalar is crumpling to the ground and spits out her mouth guard.  The referee gives her an 8 count but she cannot continue.

I was over the moon about this fight.  I could really feel my power in the ring and I can feel all those little gaps starting to fill.

The video below is the full experience – the view from the balcony seats.  I chose to use this video because a) the angle is better for this fight and b) it shows the entire fight, the wai kru, to my leaving the ring.

My main goal is to grow a little each fight, and this was one where I really felt that development.

A MASSIVE thank you to my sponsors  Kombat CafePure Energy, Patong Pro Nutrition, Mayhem Muscle Wear, Elite Combat NutritionAbsolute MMA, DHF Woden and Manage My Media.  I can’t emphasise my gratitude enough.  You guys keep me housed, fed, clothed, and fuelled so I can keep up with my gruelling training schedule.  Not only that, you continue to support me regardless of the outcomes of my fights.  People often think sponsors just give you “free stuff” but these guys support my dreams and journey as a professional fighter.  Please take the time to visit their pages, give them a like on Facebook, and if you see something you like, treat yourself to something awesome!  A shirt, a gym session, a consult.  These guys are all at the tops of their fields.

Professional record – 10W-2L-0D

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