For those of you reading my blog last year, you will remember my post about being single in Thailand.  I thought I had left that piece a little unfinished so here is the follow up.  Why do I chose to remain single. A hot topic of conversation when I chat to friends at home is whether or […]

I am so stoked to announce my new official sponsor – GRRRL!!!! “GRRRL is a brand new type of clothing company.  We make real clothes for real grrrls who simply don’t care about what anybody else thinks.  We celebrate everything female. For every woman.  Recognising that all real grrrls come in all kinds of different […]

It has always been an interesting topic for me because for the longest time I always had a boyfriend… then my personal life completely flipped to the other side where I had been single for the longest time and I was getting to an age that people were starting to question why I was still […]

This fight landed on the Queen’s Birthday which is a big day out here in Thailand.  Lots of Muay Thai shows across Thailand, particularly showcasing female talent. Originally I was supposed to fight in Chang Rai for my first world title shot however due to WMC sanction rules which we did not know were in play, I was […]

I would like to preface this post by saying, this is NOT a ‘woe is me’ post. I experienced some major mental hurdles at this time and I am here to share my experiences of that – haters be dammed! After being cut and stopped, followed by back to back fights against Farida, I was […]

Fight 20 came around quickly and saw me rematch WPMF and WWBA World Champion Farida. After an exciting first match up, the promoters at the Chalong Stadium were eager to have us back on their biggest show for the year. Naturally I welcomed the opportunity, although I would have liked a different match up in […]

I am someone who has always had issues with their self image.  Throughout my entire life, my weight and body shape has been extremely inconsistent for a variety of reasons, resulting in an warped self image.  When I look at photos of myself now, I catch myself staring in disbelief, sometimes thinking to myself, ‘that can’t […]

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Antoine Peltier, for his rapidly growing Trash Talk MMA blog and podcast.  Here is a little more about the man himself and the podcast in case you missed it! Welcome to TrashTalkMMA! Antoine Peltier is a blogger and podcaster, promoting fighters, trainers and other professionals in the […]

I remember last year, having a conversation with someone who said to me “you’ll end up fighting Farida one day” to which I responded with laughter. At the time, the thought of me fighting someone as skilled as Farida was something I was yet to consider. A few weeks ago, when the promoter from Chalong Stadium […]

Firstly.  A massive apology for the radio silence.  This last month of training and fighting has been quite full on, and to be honest, the mental struggle of dealing with my first string of losses has left me drilling myself into the ground at training to get better and to move forward.  I also realise […]